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Management Structure

Inno4Vac is divided into 4 subtopics and 21 Work Packages (WP), including WP dedicated to ethics, consortium management and communications. Each subtopic is led by a public and a private partner.  

The Inno4Vac governance is a multi-layered structure composed of the following bodies:  

  • General Assembly (GA) 

  • Steering Committee (SC) 

  • Coordination and Scientific Management Team (CSMT)  

  • Scientific and Ethics Advisory Committee (SEAC) 


The Project Coordinator (EVI) is responsible for the administration and coordination of the consortium. The Industry leader (GSK) and Industry co-leader (SP) supervise and drive the project, ensuring that the industry’s needs, vision and expectations are always taken into account. The Scientific Coordinator (SVA), aligned with the Coordinator and Industry Leader and Co-Leader, is responsible to coordinate the design of the scientific project tasks, oversee the scientific progress of the project, coordinate the scientific activity of the project teams, ensuring that expectations and needs of academic partners and SMEs are adequately addressed. The Project Secretariat is the project management team gathering multiple expertise required to ensure a good and successful operational management of the project. 

Governance Process.png
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