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Why is Inno4Vac needed?

Developing a new vaccine typically takes more than a decade. Under a single umbrella, Inno4Vac proposes an ambitious programme that will harness the latest advances in immunology, disease modelling, and in silico and mathematical modelling for tackling persistent scientific bottlenecks in vaccine development and for de-risking and accelerating this process.

What is Inno4Vac? 

How is Inno4Vac funded? 

Vaccine R&D acceleration can be achieved through:

  • Alternative vaccine technology platforms

  • New predictive models of vaccine design, performance & manufacturing

= vision & ambition of Inno4Vac

R&D accelerator.png
R&D accelerator_time.png

Source: GSK Inno4Vac KoM 2021

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