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What is Inno4Vac?

Inno4Vac is an interdisciplinary project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2) that aims to harness advances in the fields of immunology, big data and artificial intelligence, 3D tissue models and human infection models, and incorporate them into the vaccine industry to accelerate the development of new vaccines.

How is Inno4Vac funded? 


Why is Inno4Vac needed

This five year and a half project (Sept 2021 – February 2027) brings together global leaders in the fields of clinical research, immunology, microbiology, systems biology, mathematical models, and regulatory matters. This diverse team will focus on four key areas or subtopics (ST


ST1: Systems immunology platforms

ST2: Novel controlled human infection models (CHIM)

ST3: Human in vitro mucosa models

ST4: Mathematical modelling for biomanufacturing

Throughout the project, partners will also develop strategies and roadmaps to ensure that these models meet requirements for regulatory acceptance and can be integrated into the vaccine development processes. A sustainability plan will be devised to ensure long-term access to project outcomes beyond the duration of the project.

Under the overall management and coordination of European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), the scientific coordination of the Sclavo Vaccines Association (SVA), and supervision and coordination of the Industry leader GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (GSK), and co-leader Sanofi Pasteur (SP), close synergies and interactions between the four subtopics will be maximized:


The ultimate goal of Inno4Vac is to develop more predictive biological and mathematical models of vaccine performance, to make vaccine development faster and more efficient.

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